Chao Zhang

I am a final-year Ph.D. student at the Computer Science Department of UIUC, under the supervision of Prof. Jiawei Han.

My research falls in the area of data mining and machine learning, with special interests in text mining, spatiotemporal data mining, and graph mining. Currently, I am working on mining actionable knowledge from massive social sensing data to empower intelligent applications. I develop novel models, algorithms, and systems to tackle problems such as event detection, taxonomy construction, text cube construction, mobility modeling, and time series analysis; and explore their applications in smart city design, healthcare, cyber security, and IoT scenarios.


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  • [2018.04] Our tutorial “Towards Multidimensional Analysis of Text Corpora” is accepted by KDD’18.

  • [2018.03] I will serve on the Program Committee of the GIScience 2018 Workshop on Spatial Big Data and Machine Learning. CFP.

  • [2018.02] Our paper “Deep Learning for the Internet of Things” is accepted by IEEE Computer.

  • [2018.01] I will serve on the Program Committee of IJCAI’18.

  • [2017.12] I will serve on the Program Committee (Research Track) of KDD’18.

  • [2017.12] Our paper “DeepMove: Predicting Human Mobility with Attentional Recurrent Networks” is accepted by WWW’18.

  • [2017.12] Our paper “Did You Enjoy the Ride: Understanding Passenger Experience via Heterogeneous Network Embedding” is accepted by ICDE’18.

  • [2017.11] Invited as an Illinois Innovator to talk about event detection on Illinois Podcast. Available on SoundCloud and iTunes.

  • [2017.11] Check out Urbanity, our system for modeling and predicting spatiotemporal activities from social media.

  • [2017.11] I will serve on the Program Committee (Machine Learning Track) of ACL’18.

  • [2017.11] Check out the report from IT Business about our work on event detection from social media.

  • [2017.11] Our paper “A Spherical Hidden Markov Model for Semantics-Rich Human Mobility Modeling” is accepted by AAAI’18.

  • [2017.11] Our paper “Spatiotemporal Activity Modeling Under Data Scarcity: A Graph-Regularized Cross-Modal Embedding Approach” is accepted by AAAI’18.

  • [2017.10] We give a tutorial on "Space and Time Coupled Social Media Analysis at CIKM’17 in Singapore. Check out our slides here.

  • [2017.10] Our paper “RDeepSense: Reliable Deep Mobile Computing Models with Uncertainty Estimations” is accepted by UbiComp 2018.

  • [2017.08] Presented our paper “TrioVecEvent: Embedding-Based Online Local Event Detection in Geo-Tagged Tweet Streams” at KDD’17 in Halifax.

  • [2017.08] Released the code of TrioVecEvent.

  • [2017.08] Presented our paper “ReAct: Online Multimodal Embedding for Recency-Aware Spatiotemporal Activity Modeling” at SIGIR’17 in Tokyo.

  • [2017.04] We give a tutorial on “Bringing Semantics to Spatiotemporal Data Mining: Challenges, Methods, and Applications” at ICDE’17 in San Diego.

  • [2017.04] I am visiting the U.S. Army Research Lab as a visiting scholar.

  • [2016.08] Finished my internship at the Feeds Ranking Team at Facebook.

Selected Publications