About Me

Hi! I am a final-year Ph.D. student at the Computer Science Department of UIUC, under the supervision of Prof. Jiawei Han. I am broadly interested in data mining and machine learning. My current research focuses on mining actionable knowledge from massive social sensing data and empowering intelligent applications. It falls in the intersection of social media analysis, spatiotemporal data mining, text mining, graph mining, and urban computing.

What’s New

  • [2018.02] One article on deep learning for IoT (Internet-of-Things) accepted by IEEE Computer.
  • [2017.12] One research paper accepted by WWW 2018. We propose an attentional recurrent neural network, which achieves sota performance for next location prediction. Code and data will be released soon.
  • [2017.12] One research paper accepted by ICDE 2018. We propose a method that accurately predicts the satisfactory levels for users of ride-sharing services like Uber and Didi.
  • [2017.11] Two research papers accepted by AAAI 2018, one is about mobility modeling with semantic trajectories, and the other is about spatiotemporal activity modeling under data scarcity. Code and data will be released soon.
  • [2017.11] Invited as an Illinois Innovator to talk about our event detection method on Illinois Podcast. Available on SoundCloud and iTunes.
  • [2017.10] One full paper on reliable deep learning for sensor data accepted by UbiComp 2018.
  • [2017.10] Check out the report from IT Business about our work on local event detection from social media streams.
  • [2017.08] One full research paper and one short research paper accepted by CIKM 2017.
  • [2017.08] Two demo papers accepted by CIKM 2017.
  • [2017.08] Our tutorial on space and time coupled social media analysis is accepted by CIKM 2017.
  • [2017.05] Two papers accepted by KDD 2017. One is about local event detection based on multimodal embedding, and the other is about POI recommendation with deep neural networks.
  • [2017.04] One paper about online multimodal embedding is accepted by SIGIR 2017. See you in Tokyo!
  • [2017.04] Will travel to San Diego for ICDE 2017 (April 18-22) and give a tutorial on mining semantics-rich spatiotemporal data.
  • [2017.04] Visiting the U.S. Army Research Lab during April and May.
  • [2017.04] Traveling to the WWW 2017 conference during April 1-8, see you in Perth!
  • [2016.12] Our paper on urban dynamics modeling is accepted by WWW 2017. We propose a novel cross-modal representation learning approach for revealing people’s typical activities in different regions and periods. Code and data will be available soon!
  • [2016.10] One paper on discovering periodical movement patterns from social media is accepted by WSDM 2017.
  • [2016.08] Traveling to KDD 2016 in San Francisco, will share our work on mobility modeling from sparse observations.
  • [2016.05] Will be interning at the Feeds Ranking Team at Facebook from May to August.