Chao Zhang

I am a Ph.D. student at the Computer Science Department of UIUC, advised by Prof. Jiawei Han. My research falls in the area of data mining and machine learning. The long-term goal of my research is to enable machines to acquire knowledge from data and make intelligent predictions faster, more accurately, and with less supervision. Currently, my work focuses on mining knowledge from unstructured data such as text and spatiotemporal data. My research finds applications in social media analysis, healthcare, cyber security, smart city design, and IoT scenarios. Please check out this page to find more about my research.


  • Email:

  • Office: 1119 Siebel Center


  • 2018.05: Three papers are accepted by KDD’18 (Research Track).

  • 2018.04: Our tutorial “Towards Multidimensional Analysis of Text Corpora” is accepted by KDD’18.

  • 2018.03: Serving on the PC of the GIScience 2018 Workshop "Spatial Big Data and Machine Learning. CFP.

  • 2018.02: Our paper “Deep Learning for the Internet of Things” is accepted by IEEE Computer.

  • 2018.01: Serving on the Program Committee of IJCAI’18 and KDD’18 (Research Track).

  • 2017.12: One paper is accepted by WWW’18.

  • 2017.11: Invited as an Illinois Innovator to talk about event detection on Illinois Podcast, available on SoundCloud and iTunes.

  • 2017.11: Serving on the Program Committee (Machine Learning Track) of ACL’18.

  • 2017.11: Two papers are accepted by AAAI’18.

  • 2017.10: Check out our Urbanity system (paper) for predicting spatiotemporal activities with social media.

  • 2017.10: We give a tutorial on “Space and Time Coupled Social Media Analysis” (slides) in CIKM’17.

  • 2017.09: Check out the report from IT Business about our work on event detection from social media.

  • 2017.04: We give a tutorial on “Bringing Semantics to Spatiotemporal Data Mining” (slides) in ICDE’17.

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