• [2018.08]: Two papers on weakly supervised text classification and event extraction are accepted by CIKM’18.
  • [2018.08]: One paper on text cube construction without labeled data is accepted by ICDM’18.
  • [2018.08]: Delivered a tutorial and presented three papers in KDD 2018@London.
  • [2018.07]: Serving on the Program Committee of AAAI’19.
  • [2018.07]: We will give a tutorial on multidimensional analysis of text data (website) in KDD’18.
  • [2018.06]: One paper on event detection is accepted by ASONAM’18.
  • [2018.05]: Three papers are accepted by KDD’18 (Research Track).
  • [2018.03]: Serving on the PC of the GIScience 2018 Workshop “Spatial Big Data and Machine Learning. CFP.
  • [2018.02]: Our paper “Deep Learning for the Internet of Things” is accepted by IEEE Computer.
  • [2018.01]: Serving on the Program Committee of IJCAI’18 and KDD’18 (Research Track).
  • [2017.12]: One paper is accepted by WWW’18.
  • [2017.11]: Invited to talk about event detection on Illinois Innovator Podcast, available on SoundCloud and iTunes.
  • [2017.11]: Serving on the Program Committee (Machine Learning Track) of ACL’18.
  • [2017.11]: Two papers are accepted by AAAI’18.
  • [2017.10]: Check out our Urbanity system (paper) for predicting spatiotemporal activities with social media.
  • [2017.10]: We give a tutorial on “Space and Time Coupled Social Media Analysis” (slides) in CIKM’17.
  • [2017.09]: Check out the report from IT Business about our work on event detection from social media.
  • [2017.04]: We give a tutorial on “Bringing Semantics to Spatiotemporal Data Mining” (slides) in ICDE’17.