Chao Zhang

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Assistant Professor
School of Computational Science and Engineering
College of Computing
Georgia Institute of Technology

Office: CODA 1309
Address: 756 W Peachtree St NW, Atlanta, GA

Welcome to my homepage! I am an Assistant Professor at the School of Computational Science and Engineering at Georgia Tech. Before joining Georgia Tech, I received my Ph.D. in Computer Science from UIUC in 2018, where I worked with Prof. Jiawei Han.


I work in the intersection of data mining, machine learning, and natural language processing. Currently, my research focuses on developing more label-efficient, robust, and interpretable models that can better understand text data. Towards this goal, I and my awesome students are currently working on the following topics:


  • We have 4 paper accepted by EMNLP'20, discussing model calibration, sequence labeling, and zero-shot text classification.
  • We have 1 paper accepted by ICML'20. We introduce a new method for quantifying uncertainties for neural networks based on the connection between NN and linear systems.
  • We have 4 papers accepted by KDD'20, discussing self-supervised taxonomy construction, low-resource NER, hierarchical topic mining, and tensor factorization.
  • Congrats to my student Wendi Ren for winning the Marshall D. Williamson Fellowship!
  • Honored to receive the 2020 Google Faculty Research Award!
  • Two papers accepted by the Web Conference 2020.
  • Honored to receive the ACM SIGKDD 2019 Dissertation Runner-up Award!
  • Our monograph Multidimensional Mining of Massive Text Data is published by Morgan & Claypool!


  • 2020 Amazon AWS Machine Learning Research Award
  • 2020 Google Faculty Research Award
  • 2019 ACM SIGKDD Dissertation Award Runner-up
  • 2018 ACM IMWUT Distinguished Paper Award
  • 2015 ECML/PKDD Best Student Paper Runner-up Award
  • 2013 Chiang Chen Overseas Graduate Fellowship


(* denotes equal contribution)










  • SDE-Net: Efficient uncertainty estimation for deep neural networks
  • BOND: Distantly-supervised named entity recognition
  • STEAM: Automatic taxonomy expansion
  • TaxoGen: Unsupervised topic taxonomy construction from text corpus
  • WestClass: Weakly-supervised text classification
  • GeoBurst: Unsupervised spatiotemporal event detection from social media streams



  • Ph.D. Students:
    • Lingkai Kong
    • Rui Feng
    • Yue Yu
    • Yinghao Li
  • Master Students:
    • Rongzhi Zhang
    • Yuchen Zhuang
    • Isaac Rehg
    • Ruijia Wang
  • Alumni:
    • Wendi Ren
    • Yi Rong